OES Analyzer

Compact multi-chip Spark Spectrometer

The Little Giant in Spark-OES

Complete Elemental Coverage, Wide Calibration Ranges


High Precision Metal Analysis with low cost of ownership and small footprint
Autofocus Included
Bruker's patented concept for self-focusing under temperature variations eliminates

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ELEMENTAL.SUITE Information @ your Finger Tips | Metal Analysis made Easy | Unique Communication Talent
  Controlling your spectrometer can be so simple
> 350000 international alloys
Total Materia
ELEMENTAL.SUITE optionally integrates the world's most comprehensive materials database: Total Materia.

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High-End Optical Emission Spectrometer for Metal Analysis

Mastering impurities & inclusions
Single-button operation

High-end spark-OES spectrometer for primary metal process- and quality control
Pure PMT-based performance with Single Spark Evaluation (SSE)
Unleashing the speed of the latest Photomultiplier tube (PMT) detectors for

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Process And Quality Under Control

  • Ready-to-use metals lab
  Outstanding Analytical Performance With Low Cost Of Ownership   Versatile x 3 Optimal Configuration For Every Need
  • The innovative single or dual-optic concept with 3 variants delivers high-performance to cover every analytical need in the most economical way.

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Patented Optical System With AAC

  • Incoming material inspection made easy
  Instant Operation Readiness By AAC (Active Ambient Compensation)
  • The patented optical system with AAC compensates thermal drifts and provides maximum analytical stability without thermal conditioning.
Intuitive Productivity ELEMENTAL.

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