Fusion Furnace NIEKA CORE-6
Fusion Furnace NIEKA CORE-6
Fusion Furnace NIEKA CORE-6


Fusion Furnace NIEKA CORE-6

The world’s fastest fluxer is here!

At NIEKA®, we design and build the most advanced fusion instruments. Each of our product is crafted by the peoples that travel the world to visit laboratories like yours. The Core-6 is the achievement of a decade-long research program where nothing has been left behind. With the Core systems, you will benefit from multiple inventions and the experience of Nieka users worldwide. The Core-6 mechanical systems are based on the proven Nieka platform: they are sturdy, efficient and easy to maintain.

Modular furnace for instant on-site maintenance*
The main furnace can be removed and replaced within minutes with no special tools. You can resume operation without a lengthy
cooldown and on-site repair. The entire heating assembly comes as a snap: elements, insulation and sensors, nothing is left behind.

Fully modular power system and zone control
Each furnace zone is powered by its own power module. The temperature inside the furnace is uniform.

Circular agitation motion allowing faster sample dissolution*
Borate fusion is a dissolution technique. If you stir better, you dissolve faster, it’s that simple. Our fully circular and rapid motion will reduce repeat and save up to 30% of dissolution time.

Pre-oxidation chamber for true temperature ramping (optional)*
Several sample types require a pre-oxidation step, which is challenging with a furnace-type fluxer. Our inovative middle chamber allows an intermediate temperature step.

Filtered cooling air
The stream of air cooling the glass disks and internal electronics is fully filtered. Even in dusty environments, the Nieka Core system will deliver premium analytical purity.

Cold crucible retaining bar*
When the hot crucibles are moved out of the furnace for the pouring step, a special bar is waiting outside to hold them in place for the final tilt. Having such bar outside of the furnace reduces the contamination and failures associated with retaining bars inside the furnace.
  • Large see-through safety locking door
  • Cold retaining bar for zero contamination from holding devices
  • Clear, intuitive interface for easy interaction with the Core system
  • Easy-to-access modular electronics
  • Intermediate chamber for controlled pre-oxidation
  • High-purity flux-resistant ceramic crucible and mold holders
  • Powerful air channels deliver large volumes of filtered air for faster cooling

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