ZEISS Axiocam 202
ZEISS Axiocam 202
ZEISS Axiocam 202


ZEISS Axiocam 202

ZEISS Axiocam 202 mono

Your 2 Megapixel Stand-alone Microscope Camera
For Routine Fluorescence Documentation

With smart microscopy, digital documentation has never been easier. Axiocam 202 mono is your smart 2 megapixel microscope camera for digital documentation of fluorescent samples.

With this monochrome camera you can:
acquire images in stand-alone mode with no need for a PC press the Snap button to capture and store mulitchannel fluorescent images in combination with the Axiolab 5 or Axioscope 5 smart microscopes choose between 8 bit or 12 bit digitization to adapt the file size

Technical Data
  • Acquire multichannel fluorescent images with just one click
  • Sensitive fluorescence documentation: 2 megapixel CMOS chip sensor with image diagonal of 13 mm and large pixel size
  • Smart functions: Auto-adjustment of exposure time and gain as well as image enhancement functions
  • Easy-to-use: Single button multichannel fluorescent acquisition when combined with Axiolab 5 or Axioscope 5 stands, , even in stand-alone mode
  • Easy installation: USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi compatible (with USB Wi-Fi adapter)
  • Compatibility: Stand-alone mode without a PC, with Labscope imaging app as a network camera, with ZEN imaging software for advanced imaging
  • Smart documentation in fluorescence
  • Combine Axiocam 202 mono with the Axioscope 5 light microscope and Colibri 3 LED illumination to acquire multichannel fluorescence images with just a simple press on the Snap button.

You benefit from:

  • Automatic adjustments in the camera to acquire high quality images with high ease of use.
  • An integrated system that saves you both space and money because no extra computer is needed.
  • Image data completeness since all metadata, including scaling, are automatically stored with your images.... and all it takes is just a simple press of the Snap button

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