ZEISS Primotech


ZEISS Primotech


Primotech is your smart imaging solution with an attractive price-to-performance ratio. Access multiple microscopes wirelessly through Matscope, the imaging app from ZEISS. Experience the efficient and smooth workflow from image acquisition over analysis to report – profit from fast time-to-results. A choice of stands lets you select the optimal microscope for a wide variety of routine tasks and applications. Primotech combines transmitted and reflected light in a single stand, making it flexible enough to use for all the mechanical, automotive and electronics industry, for PCB inspection and powder analysis.
  1. Save time and eliminate error - the 5x nosepiece turret automatically recognizes a change of objective and therefore magnification.
  2. A choice of stands lets you select the optimal microscope for your tasks.
  3. Benefit from stable color temperature when changing the light intensity with LED illumination.
  4. Gain advantage of unrivaled sample space – up to 34 mm.
  5. Equip your Primotech with the ESD stage to avoid electrostatic discharge from the stand to the electronic component samples.
  6. Investigate opaque or transparent samples.
Use ZEISS Primotech for Thick, Opaque Materials Samples
Examine thin to thick metallographic samples to analyze grains, multiphase etc.

ZEISS Primotech Offers:
Its large travel range and optional condenser let you examine thin to thick specimens up to 34 mm. For transparent or opaque materials you profit from simultaneous reflected and transmitted light illumination. Use the polarization contrast to analyze birefringent structures.
  1. LED (5000 K, brightness equivalent to 50 W HAL) in transmitted light and reflected light simultaneously.
  2. Sample height is more than 17 mm.
  3. Contrast: brightfield, oblique, polarization.
  4. Stage Travel: Fixed (75 x 50 mm)
  5. Dimension: 306 mm x 410 mm x 395 mm (stand with binocular)
  6. Weight: 8.5 kg

  1. Routine inspections and failure analysis of:
    - Metals, plastics, ceramics, minerals and composite materials
    - Fibers, powders, textiles, paper
    - Printed circuit boards and electronics
  2. Food/beverage control
  3. Forensics
  4. Education and training (digital classroom)
  5. Presentation of microscopically small products

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