ZEISS AxioImager Vario


ZEISS AxioImager Vario

AxioImager Vario

Examine large samples – automated and clean room compatible Analyze smallest MEMS sensors up to XXL wafer or even entire flat planel panel displays without destroying them. Thanks to the sample height of up to 254 mm and lateral space of up to 300 mm you examine the broadest range of samples with Axio Imager Vario. The column design offers high stability. Take control of your wafer in the clean room. A motorized z-drive in addition with the hardware auto focus ensure the automatic setting of the optimum focus position.

Profit from the maximum sample height up to 254 mm and lateral sample space up to 300 mm x 300 mm. Choose between two manual and one motorized column with industry compliant 3-button-operation.

Axio Imager Vario focuses with the nosepiece on the sample. That means that you can achieve high focusing accuracy and repeatability, especially with heavy samples.

With the Hardware Auto Focus you profit from precise, fast focusing of reflective samples, which are poor in contrast. With Axio Imager Vario in combination with LSM 700 you analyze sensitive samples in high resolution without contact. Axio Imager Vario is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 and meets the requirements of clean room class 5

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