ZEISS Axiolab 5 MAT


ZEISS Axiolab 5 MAT

Axiolab 5 is made for the routine microscopy work that goes on every day in your lab. Its compact and ergonomic design saves space and makes for easy handling. Axiolab 5 is a real team player. Combine it with Axiocam 208 color and take full advantage of the Smart Microscopy concept: you'll be experiencing digital documentation in a completely new way. Just focus your sample and press a single button for crisp images in true color. The digital image will look like you see it through the eyepieces, with all the details and subtle color differences clearly visible. Plus, Axiolab 5 automatically adds the correct scaling information to your images.

Typical tasks and applications
  • Determine grain sizes, structure, distribution and phases
  • Quickly carry out on-site analysis
  • Study mode(s) of material failure: fatigue, corrosion, creep deformation, stress cracks or fractures.
  • High-throughput material inspection and documentation
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • High-quality imaging for publications
  • Failure analysis
  • Process quality monitoring
  • Examine thin sections of rock and minerals to determine their composition.
  • Classify anisotropic materials like calcite, olivine, titanite, or zircon.

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