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Third Party Software

  • Image analysis & measurement software were intended to use specifically for camera coordinate functions such as manual image measurement and focus composition, and which can be widely used for image analysis including binarization, and features automatic processing using a micro.
  • In addition, an option module that can be used matched to the application for each user is available, to enable functions to be added according to the various methods of use.

Various Manual Measurement Tools

  • Manual measurement tools are useful in measuring line length, angle, number count, circle, rectangle, and polygon. Additionally, lines or circles with vague edges are supported by approximate figure measurement.

Measurement Assist Function

  • The points indicated by the mouse cursor will be displayed in enlarged form when you specify the measurement points.

Excel Export

  • The results of measurement and processed images can be exported to Excel. Fine settings such as statistical data can be made.

Camera Control & Scale Setting

  • The Camera Control function automatically saves images and creates a database.

Halation Removal/HDR Composition

  • Removes light reflection in an image without degrading image quality.

Focus Composition

  • Provides an image with long focused depth when an image is out of focused.

Image Tiling

  • TIling function is efective for acquiring an image with both wide field and high resolution.

Particle Measurement/Statistics Calculation

  • Categorize by the feature values of particles or separate adjacent particles.


  • A function that enables multiple sets of a conventional binary process to be implemented simultaneously.

Circular/Polygonal Particle Measurement

  • To separate the overlapping particles and carry not particle measurement such as particle count, diameter and area.

Auto Line Width Measurement

  • Widths of lines in parallel in an image are automatically measured.

Intensity/RGB Profile Measurement

  • To measure the profile of the intensity data or RGB density data on an arbitrary line.


  • Separates particles and regions concentrated in a dense state.

Inter-particle Distance Measurement

  • Determines pairs of most neighborly particles and measures particle-to-particle distance.

Voronoi Subdivision Measurement

  • Divides the image into ''Voronoi regions'' and measure each region.

Particle Analysis Data Processing

  • To calculate statistical data automatically, create particle distribution and correlation diagram for each measured value.

Needle Shape Separation Measurement

  • To separate needle shape particle and measure the length, width, direction, needle shape ratio, and number of particles.

Metal Grain Boundary Separation Measurement

  • Separates and measure the grain boundary by a special algorithm from the polished surface of the metallic structure.

Ring Thickness Measurement

  • To measure thickness of wires, etc., and locations which have minimum and maximum thickness.

Non-Metallic Inclusion Measurement

  • Automatic inspection of metallographic test for non-metallic inclusion based on JIS G0555 is executed tu multiple images. This function classifies the detected inclusion into A, B or C system by designated parameter.

Graphite Spheroidization Rate Measurement

  • Allows measurement of a spheroidized ratio of graphite cast iron. Complies with new and old JIS standards (G5502: 2001, G5505: 2013) and an ISO standard (16112: 2006).

Crystal Grain Size Measurement

  • Measures the crystal grain size of ferrite and austenite, visual comparison method, automatic calculation by the intercept method and counting method. Complies with JIS standard G0551 and ASTM E112.


  • Phase is detected and its area is estimated on the basis of its grey scale. Multiple phases are delineated and coloured overlays are displayed in the same field of the histogram.

Lamellaar Graphite

  • Provides graphite length and its size class designated by Arabic numbers 1-8, on the basis of A 247 ASTM standard.


  • The dark phase of porosity is detected in red bitplane according to ASTM B 276. The total number of pores are calculated and recorded with minimum, maximum and average size pores.

Coating Thickness

  • Follows ASTM E 1077 industrial method in four methods cover measurement of local thickness of metal and oxides coating through interactive or automated methods.


  • Automatically evaluates shape factor of pearlite in the metal plates.


  • Provides measurement of total/partial decarburisation from the surface of steel which follows ASTM E 1077-91.

3D Model

  • Z-Axis Control, Z slice image photographing, 3D view, 3D measurement (Profile, height, surface area/volume), Roughness measurement.

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