SIM Pro 1064


SIM Pro 1064

SIM Pro 1064


  • Handheld Raman spectrometer is meant for the material identification and verification of raw materials and chemicals.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Robust, light and compact handheld spectrometer
  • High sensitivity due to Max-Light optical design
  • Laser Sense Tips technology that minimises signal loss
  • Integration into Regulatory Cloud services
  • Includes library for material identification. Allows users to build inhouse library
  • Compliant with both cGMP and 21CFR part 11 certifications and meets all regulatory requirements for the major global testing agencies (USP, JP, EP, IP, FDA, so on)

Applications Area

  • Forensic analysis for hazmat, narcotics, drugs, explosives
  • Counterfeit drug detection
  • Pharmaceutical raw material verification for quality control
  • Solid and liquid substance identification
  • Academia, research and industrial


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