Microscope Cameras And Adapters

Axiocam Family

Camera Technology from ZEISS
In contrast to digital cameras for photography or industrial inspection, many aspects of the microscope cameras are optimized to meet specific requirements of applications in science, research and documentation.

As each application has very specific requirements, there is a wide range of different digital camera models to choose from. Different pixel sizes, for example, regulate camera sensitivity and spatial resolution. Lower pixel count enables higher frame rates and larger sensors offer better coverage of the field of view.

For maximum image quality, some Axiocam cameras feature low-noise electronic designs with cooled image sensors.

Our color cameras excel through the best color rendition with a very high range of resolvable intensity levels. Monochrome cameras are the best choice for imaging of fluorescent samples at low light intensities with an extended sensitivity spectrum.

For easy documentation, some digital cameras can record images either completely without a computer, or through a connected PC, laptop or iPad running the ZEISS Labscope software. All our microscope cameras are fully supported in our ZEN software environment, offering fast live image display and easy-to-use user interface.