Material Optical Microscope Stereo Zoom

Today, anyone developing a stereomicroscope that sets new standards with its optical system has to work constructively at the very limits of physical feasibility, taking full advantage of every new possibility offered by state-of-the-art optical design. With experience and innovativeness, you don’t have to look any further than the optical systems from Carl Zeiss.

Stemi 305 is your compact stereo microscope with a 5:1 zoom – equally at home in the biology classroom, research lab or on the industrial shop floor.

Stemi 508 is an amazing compact Greenough stereo microscope invented by Carl Zeiss with 8:1 zoom and apochromatic optics for all lab work and industrial inspection.

Axio Zoom.V16 offers 16x zoom for finest details of your samples, highest resolution and image quality in large fields of view.

SteREO Discovery.V8 captures crisp and brilliant images throughout the whole 8:1 manual zoom range.

With impressive stability and exceptionally large specimen room, Stereo Discovery.V12 is setting new standards in stereomicroscopy – particularly for applications in materials research, quality control, biology and medical research.

SteREO Discovery.V20 with zoom range 20:1 - brilliant three dimensional images with exceptional depth perception.